Job Loss

The arc of a worker’s career is much different these days, compared to past generations. No longer does a person remain tethered to a single company throughout the entirety of one’s professional life. Rather, contemporary work lives typically include major transitions from one institution to another, often including embracing wholly new occupations.  Today’s workers have faced professional interruptions through economic downturns and the pandemic, of course, to a greater extent than any workers since the Great Depression.  For particular demographic groups, namely older workers and newly graduated people, the level of unemployment has been particularly vexing. 

The personal trauma of losing one’s job—being downsized—is multidimensional and can rarely be overstated.  The immediate impact is financial, of course.  But a job is often central to an individual’s identity and social circle.  The psychological impact of losing a job is complex and can be debilitating, for some. At a time when many people prefer social isolation, a well-coordinated ritual, among close family member and friends, offering comfort and support, may be an important tonic in the process of moving on.  

These job-related ceremonies however they are fashioned, have multiple intentions including the following:

  • Recognizing the psychological and social importance of the work one does in the world
  • Articulating gratitude for past opportunities and colleagues
  • Expressing thanks for new chances to enjoy productive and meaningful work
  • Allowing friends and loved ones to offer encouragement and support during the grieving process and beyond
  • Articulating intentions for positive future developments

I am honored to assist you in creating the meaning-filled celebration for your professional life transition.

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