Living Funerals

In a famous scene from the best-selling book and subsequent movie Tuesdays with Morrie, the title character, increasingly debilitated by ALS, decides to throw himself a living funeral (sometimes called a living memorial). Discouraged that the deceased are never able to partake in the tributes and eulogies following their passing, Morrie organizes a small event at his home to hear from friends and loved ones. Such memorial tributes are becoming an increasingly popular idea among elders and those advancing toward death.

The particulars of such tributes vary as much as those who are interested in hosting gatherings—from “funeral like” functions to parties and joy-filled send-offs. However, the intention is the same—for the honoree to be fully present, enjoying tributes and words of love as he or she prepares for their transition. I stand ready to help in all aspects of coordinating the general delivery and associated details including the following:

  • Program development
  • Venue selection
  • Decorations and music
  • Speaker selection and assistance with remarks
  • Invitation coordination
  • Assistance with recordings and videography
  • Creation of a memory book for honoree

Living Funerals & Living memorials in the new york area