As a certified Celebrant and Non-Denominational Minister, I create and deliver personalized memorials, celebrations of life, and funerals throughout the NYC Tri-State area.

Since a very young age, my own life has been touched by the loss of significant loved ones. I have seen the great value in working with family members and friends to develop meaningful, personalized tributes to those who have passed. This ceremony not only honors the lost person, but serves as a critical stepping stone in the healing process.

"Celebrating a life is as important as living one."

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Every life is special.
Every life is celebrated.
Every life is remembered.

Funeral celebrant, Sara Ritchie stands conducting an end-of-life service

“Sarah organized and delivered my brother’s memorial during the Pandemic. Not only did she write and deliver the ceremony, but she managed the online broadcast of the event; put together the obituary; produced the event programs; and worked with the eulogists. She helped with all of the details of the memorial, including decorations, music, and more.”

Linda M.

Sarah Ritchie

As a young child, I witnessed the lack of resources for my single mother who was dying of Multiple Sclerosis.  Not only was she without proper emotional and spiritual support, but so were her primary caregiver (my grandmother) and kids (my sister and myself).  Knowing that so much more could have been done to ease this process—before and after death— I vowed to pursue end-of-life and healing work during my professional career…

An Act of Love

I work with individuals and families of all philosophical orientations—those who have some connection to a religious tradition or are spiritually inclined, as well as people who consider themselves entirely secular.

My goal is to reflect the perspective your loved one and family, through a personalized ceremony and life memorial. This end-of-life ritual exemplifies gratitude for the individual that has passed, in a unique and extraordinary fashion, from any number of life philosophies.

“I will make the loss of a loved one a time of tribute and comfort to you.”

My Commitment

In all ceremonies, I strive to provide the utmost service in crafting and delivering an exceptional and moving ceremony. With training in end-of-life care and through my work as a Life-Cycle celebrant, I am extremely sensitive to the needs of a family in grief.

I am a caring professional, and I will use my talents and resources to give support to your family, while recognizing and celebrating the irreplaceable life that has been lost. I trust that my efforts will yield comfort and some small measure of healing.

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.”
- George Eliot

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